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I will be speaking at the Australian University in Kuwait to the beloved students. I thought of sharing my brief with you. My intention is to speak to them for 30 minutes about leadership. I don’t want to give them a usual speech from a leader to its audience. I want to get them to be passionate and I want to be contagious and pass on my skills to the future leaders and hope to find new leaders in my audience.

Much of my professional life has been in the direction of leading. It started during the school days at university, with my roommates, with my classmates, with friends and colleagues.

Leadership skills have now been universally recognized as the key ingredient. In management, a good manager is by definition a leader. Equally, a good leader will also be a manager.

Is it possible to develop your own abilities as a leader?

My answer loudly is: Yes.

One word of caution: nobody can teach you leadership. It is something you have to learn. You learn principally from experience.

You will most probably work for five to six organizations in your career, and none of them will be quite as committed to your long-term development as you are. Can you think now how you will be able to develop yourself as a leader?

There are no set rules, or set systems that you can rely on. You as a person are a unique with a desire and a distinctive path of leadership in front of you. Nobody can teach you the way: you have to find it yourself. If it was so easy a path to follow, a lot more people in leadership roles or positions would be showing their leadership skills.

All I can do here is to share with you some practical suggestions and reflections that you may find useful to accept/adopt and implement in your lifestyle to encourage yourself.

Be Prepared

The door into leadership has “Confidence” written upon it. You have to have the want to be a leader. It begins with a willingness to take charge. If you hate the idea of taking responsibility then leadership is not for you. Remain an individual contributor.

The more prepared you are, the more confident you become. Remember, as a leader or leader-to-be always look confident, even when you may not be feeling it from inside. People will tend to take you at face value.

Be Proactive

Organizations do have a vested interest in your development as a leader. Because they need such leaders. Share with them your hopes, intentions, and ambitions.

Take courses, read, stimulate, and take up any such offers to grow.

Be Reflective

Most leaders are action-centered and fairly well immersed in their work, not least because they tend to love it.  Of course you need to withdraw from time to time to take a helicopter overview about the organization. This reflection should include your own role performance as a leader. List things that are going well and identify some specific areas for self-improvement.

Always look for feedback which is a bit of a guidance mechanism in a rocket. If you receive it with an open mind, looking for the truth in it, it will guide you on your path to excellence in leadership.

The only way for you to move from being a good leader – where you are now by any means – to becoming a very good leader, even an excellent or great leader, is by aiming higher.

Final word, develop yourself day after day, be confident. Use all sources around you, superiors, colleagues, team members, friends, and family. Use them to improve your leadership.

It does take time, for there is no such thing as instant leadership. Therefore, be patient with yourself. Aim to take a step forward each day. Do something differently tomorrow as a result of reading or attending a speech or a short workshop. Even if it’s a small step, you will be on your way.

Try again and again; it will help you in moving forward. For me as a true leader, I believe that you should be a warrior. Be a happy warrior to make it happen.

I will share with you my dear readers my findings and thoughts about them after my speech.


Do you know what success equation is? Do you have any idea how to succeed in your life? Do you know  success factors? I really had not thought much about how to define success. Or how to determine success equation, until I was asked the same question by a very close life friend, my dear cousin. Whom I share my life with. This happened in year 2000, when I told him a story about one of my colleagues. Who distracted work operation in the company, where I was working, by his way of thinking and acting.

His question to me was: Do you know success equation?!

Some of my initial responses were; money, power, raising children, faith, acting against failure and so on. All of these are factors in what I refer to as success equation. But what my wise cousin told me has changed a major phase in my future path. I am following and reviewing this equation always.


Knowledge: The fact of knowing, study, learn, read, monitor, and have a good memory.

Skills: Resulting from practice, natural ability, or from both. Practice, practice, practice.

Attitude: Be good, always. Have a good thinking and acting, of& towards others.

For this discussion, I will share with you my personal slide above, which describes one main factor in success equation: ATTITUDE. A key factor which can change your success path. Look at the birds above and see which one you are now (representing& mimicking). Which one you want to be? Look at the successful people around you. Which bird they are, and what attitude they are having?

Success equation: Knowledge + Skills + Attitude.

To be successful; learn more, read more, and increase your knowledge. As we always say: Knowledge is the power. Then practice (practice, practice, and practice), to have better& stronger skills. And finally, have a good way of thinking and acting. Be good, and have a positive attitude all the time. 


For your success equation; Increase your knowledge, gain more skills, and have a positive attitude (thinking and acting).

For me, attitude was a major factor in my success. You can start changing your attitude and see the difference. I close this article with one my favorite quotes from Prophet Mohammed, peace been upon him, *I was rather sent to conclude moralities*.

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