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Just for a change, I’ve decided to share with you the very interesting material below, which I’ve got from YouTube.

It’s for those who didn’t come across it, click& enjoy.

Aren’t you surprised?!


I started using the internet in 1993, an early adopter of sorts, using Gopher and Mosaic the same (almost!) way people use Google and Internet Explorer today.


These days, people in their late teens and twenties consider the internet as one the main interaction media in their lives. Many of my friends today could not live without the presence of the internet in their daily lives,  despite being capable of ignoring other media. Who would have thought that they would be in this situation a few years ago!


More tellingly, I’ve noticed first hand (ask my children!) how many tweens and teens consider the internet as a primordial need, much more so than the Television. The social impact of internet 2.0 has become impossible to ignore in the recent years.


This impact, fuelled by the classical generation gap, will grow as those tweens and teens join the active workforce. I therefore firmly believe that we need to be fully aware of this generation shift, embracing rather than resisting the change it brings. We will need to find new ways in which this medium can improve our lives, seamlessly.


One of the improvements that I believe will come from the internet will be the speedy recovery of the world economy, compared to the Great Depression recovery, due to the way it connects us as human beings.



Let me ask you this: if you could have only one of those, television, telephone, radio or the Internet. Which medium would you choose today?



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