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Business Etiquette

Posted on: June 15, 2009

You are about to undergo a job interview, which may change your life and this is true…How you look, act, speak, and write gives people around you an impression. In business enviroment, that 1st impression is significantly more important, and everlasting. Knowing how to behave with politeness and courtesy is a very important part of business life. Using business etiquette to create the right impression, will determine not only how you enjoy each working day, but also your chances of promotion and success in your career.

Today is the day you’ve been preparing and waiting for. What should you consider?

  • Turning up on time
  • How you are dressed
  • Body language-how you should shake hands, stand or sit
  • How do you talk to the person interviewing you
    • Do you make an eye contact and smile?
    • Do you speak clearly without pausing or using slang?
    • Are you prepared for the questions?
    • Have you prepared questions of your own?

Interviews are a very good model for how you should act at any business meeting. All of the same rules, about how the person you are meeting sees you, and the organization you represent. So, making a good impression is about:

  • Dressing and acting appropriately
  • Being prepared
  • Communicating well


Here are some rules of good business behavior:

Punctuality– Be on time, and arrive at least 5minutes early. Keeping people waiting creates resentment which isn’t forgotten.

Handshakes& Greetings– If this is the 1st time, introduce yourself to the people you are meeting, and greet them professionally. While shaking hands, smile and say “pleased to meet you” or “how do you do”. This is something that I use a lot and it works very well.

Names– Remember names of the people you meet, and call them by name. Don’t get the name wrong- if you think you have forgotten, don’t use the name until you double-check with a colleague. Or at least be polite in gettign his name properly. Then start calling him during the conversation by his name. People love it.

Body language– Smile and make eye contact when talking or listening. If you are taking notes, make sure to look up frequently and nod or smile, showing your concentration. In addition, show your interest and alertness using your posture. Sit or stand upright, and keep legs together regardless of clothing. This applies to both men and women. Also, don’t cross your arms- this is a defensive position. of course, you dont have to use your handset.

Listening– Be quiet while others talk, and make sure you understand what is being said. Don’t interrupt the speaker, but if a pause occurs, phrase your question politely or repeat what was said and ask if it is correct. I’ve seen a lot of people underestimate of being quite !

Thanks– Always thank a person if you are given anything, whether it’s information, coffee, or a help in anyway. Courtesy costs nothing, but the lack of it is always noticed.

Sensitivity to others– There are hundreds of funny stories about inappropriate behavior of others. Accidents happen and are usually embarrassing. Yet, deliberate behavior that can cause offence to people is unacceptable.


To conclude, I would like to leave you with this question:

Have you heard before of the phrase “business etiquette”?

v  If yes, do you believe in it or have ever use it?

v  If no, does it make any sense to you and worth adopting?


1. going green. – June 15, 2009

I do believe in business etiquette to some extent. it’s good to be polite, smiling answering questions and engaging people in a conversation when being interviewed. I’ve tried that many times. works like a charm.

In the corporate world, you have to have business etiquette, but in the same time i has to be accompanied with assertiveness and keeping everyone in line. handling work needs power, smartness as well as business etiquette. if you are politically correct at all times but at the same time never zone out and overlook incorrect actions that would effect work. everyone would rather be on your side

2. خالد الحشاشJune 15, 2009

Professional rules that proof you are a leader not a manager. I think every young people who seek a new job, he has to read these.
Thank you. I think we can add another important rule, it’s about having good background around the company you are interesting about.

khaled alhashash

3. HaiderJune 16, 2009


Thank you for sharing this advice and raising the issue of business etiquette. Some businessmen and businesswomen sadly overlook the fact that there’s more to business than business (OK, I think this paragraph wins an award for most occurrences of the word “business”!).

I firmly believe that there are good ways of conducting business and bad ones. This is something that cannot be overlooked, especially when people are involved.

The best guide, I believe, for understanding business etiquette and upholding it is the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” When you’re aware of your own opinions of how others treat you, you can set an example of how you want to be treated.

To give a very simple example: If you are talking to someone and a third person comes to ask the person you are with a question, the polite thing to do is to apologize for interrupting and – in the least – acknowledge your presence. This is something I did not notice when I interrupted others, but realized it when I was ignored!

Therefore, I used the experience to guide my future actions so that I don’t treat others in ways I wouldn’t want to be treated.

I think this topic deserves a series of posts.

4. A4B – June 16, 2009

Franckly speaking, I don’t recall such phrase. However, it made a lot of sense to me, and it’s really worth adopting. Although I don’t think that I’d need it for 10coming years, in-sha-ALLAH. The reason is quite simple, I’ve just joined my job& I like it. My Boss is an old, yet a real jentleman, al7amdoli-ALLAH.

Thanks Mr. CEO for sharing your genuine experiences with the people, it’s priceless!!!


5. ali ajmi – June 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Najeeb
what you have mentioned in this article is very much true. I was lucky to know about this & got the chance to practice it for some time now, and it works for many reasons. One simple reason would be because we deal with people; and for that 1st impression always counts. One thing I didn’t know was that it is called Business Etiquate

Thank you for a lovely piece worth reading

6. مـيّJune 17, 2009

Thanks for these great advices.

I would like to add a point before I answer ur question:

Be confident and say what are your strengths and don’t underestimate yourself. Tell what are u good at and what you have accomplished proudly.


I said that point bcoz in our communities if someone talks about himself that means he/she is egocentric!! And most of us don’t give even a small brief about their skills and so, which might prevent the employer to know how can they benefit from that candidate/employee. And I believe that the impact on interviewer of confidence is GREAT!

As to answer ur question:

Yes I did. I like it so much and I believe its SO professional and it opens doors for u even if the person infront know nothing about it! Although its not wide spread around us “here”. And I think it could be used everywhere not only in Business!

I have also took a course recently about it; as a part of Certified Business Professional certificate – IBTA! It’s cool.

The interesting point that I like is why did they call it: etiquette. Which is Ticket in France, which was a “ticket” to attend royal families parties! – Its something close to that reason :>

Also the cultural differences! Wow its so interesting and could lead to problems too!

7. Fahad Naserallah – June 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Najeeb,

I do believe what most important than the article itself, Is that your willingly to share with us, and this is what all the article about, which can reflect the positive attitude among Viva’s employee, this is – The Lead by Example

Regards ,


1 Response to "Business Etiquette"

indeed the world is circulating on business activities and one got to comply with the best actions , because business is all about relationships. business etiquette can be of importance in telephone conversation, how you respond to a call or make a call to a client will tell tell him/her the kind of person you are.

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