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Success equation= K+S+A

Posted on: April 7, 2009

Do you know what success equation is? Do you have any idea how to succeed in your life? Do you know  success factors? I really had not thought much about how to define success. Or how to determine success equation, until I was asked the same question by a very close life friend, my dear cousin. Whom I share my life with. This happened in year 2000, when I told him a story about one of my colleagues. Who distracted work operation in the company, where I was working, by his way of thinking and acting.

His question to me was: Do you know success equation?!

Some of my initial responses were; money, power, raising children, faith, acting against failure and so on. All of these are factors in what I refer to as success equation. But what my wise cousin told me has changed a major phase in my future path. I am following and reviewing this equation always.


Knowledge: The fact of knowing, study, learn, read, monitor, and have a good memory.

Skills: Resulting from practice, natural ability, or from both. Practice, practice, practice.

Attitude: Be good, always. Have a good thinking and acting, of& towards others.

For this discussion, I will share with you my personal slide above, which describes one main factor in success equation: ATTITUDE. A key factor which can change your success path. Look at the birds above and see which one you are now (representing& mimicking). Which one you want to be? Look at the successful people around you. Which bird they are, and what attitude they are having?

Success equation: Knowledge + Skills + Attitude.

To be successful; learn more, read more, and increase your knowledge. As we always say: Knowledge is the power. Then practice (practice, practice, and practice), to have better& stronger skills. And finally, have a good way of thinking and acting. Be good, and have a positive attitude all the time. 


For your success equation; Increase your knowledge, gain more skills, and have a positive attitude (thinking and acting).

For me, attitude was a major factor in my success. You can start changing your attitude and see the difference. I close this article with one my favorite quotes from Prophet Mohammed, peace been upon him, *I was rather sent to conclude moralities*.


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حياك الله يابومحمد، وعلقولتهم: من طول الغيبات جاب الغنايم. وموضوعك هذا فعلآ أعتبره غنايم. إحنا بزمن قلت أو انعدمت فيه النصيحة، والله يتمم عليك مع ولدالعم/الخال رفيق دربك. نعم، المعرفة والعلم ربنا أمرنا في السعي لهم (اطلبوا العلم من المهد إلى اللحد، واطلبوا العلم ولو في الصين). أما بالنسبة للمهارات، فالتمرين المستمر ينمي العقل كما ينمي الجسم. وكحقيقة علمية، فإن قلة أو انعدام استخدام عضلة ما في جسم الإنسان، تؤدي بالضرورة إلى ضعفها أو حتى ضمورها.أما بخصوص مكارم الأخلاق والتي استشهدت بالحديث النبوي الشريف لتعزيزها، فأنا أضيف قول الشاعر:أحسن إلى الناس تستعبد قلوبهم…فلطالما استعبد الإنسان إحسانا،،،تحياتي لك وللأخوات والأخوة في فيفا، ولعلئلتك الكريمة,,,

I have a different success equation, it starts with

Knowledge: of your surroundings, of your field, of the people around you.

next is Unassisted: you must do things on your own and independently, without relying on others to bestow favors on you.

Welcome: Always say welcome, when someone says thank you, and be appreciative of this thanks.

Attitude: is also important and you need to have the right attitude to be successful in any task you set on achieving.

Inspiration: you need to be inspired and build inspiration in others for success.

Temerity: which mean audacity and bravery in saying what you feel is right and correct and not be a yes man nodding your head.

These attributes can be summarized as K.U.W.A.I.T.

Objective of Success :
Most people think of success as a mean to reach wealth, power or on a larger scale GNP (Gross national Product) ,indeed aterminology which is well known in the financial industry and it is a main concern for the world goverments around the globe at the moments due to the financial crisis .
But let us not forget the real success we ought to pursue and that is GNH (Gross National Happiness) .
GNH is a terminology introduced by Bhutan’s King 1972. definatly Islam give us a clear road map to happiness and that is the obedience to the Almighty .
to conclude, i would say the success equation is very simple ….Obedience.

Wow! you know what? You are a good Role Model

سلام وتحية لكاتب الموضوع السيد / نجيب العوضي والسادة زوار الموقع ،،،

مقالة رائعة ومهمة والتعليقات التي سبقتني كذلك . أشاركك الرأي أخ نجيب بأن الجانب الاهم في معادلة النجاح هو كيف تتعامل مع الآخرين (تفكيرا + أداءا) فهو مفتاحك لباقي أركان المعادلة وسر النجاح . العجيب في الامر أن هذا الركن من المعادلة هو الوحيد الذي يمكن لاي انسان إمتلاكه بدون مقابل أو جهد ؛ فالاحترام و الخلق الحسن موجود وينتظر من يبحث عنه دون أن يدفع مالا أو تعبا . الطرف المهذب و الخلوق و المحترم في تفكيره وتعامله هو الذي ينجح بكسب كل الاطراف حتى وإن خسر مشروع أو قضية أو حتى معركة مع الآخرين . أما المتصنع أو المخادع في تعاملاته فلن يستمر نجاحه ولابد أن ينكشف ولو بعد حين .

” إحترم الاخرين ولاتقلل من شأنهم وإن كانوا خصومك ”

تمنياتي بالنجاح للجميع ،

ألف تحية لقواعد عرضت
وألف تحية لحقائق ذكرت
وتحية أخرى معطرة بروح الياسمين لتجارب سطرت
يستفيد منها القارئ من خلال تواصل يجمعنا
لنجاح بفارغ الصبر ينشدنا
وإخاء على الخير والتقوى نعاهده ويعاهدنا

الكل ومجموع الأجزاء
فأنا جزء من كل

For starter, success has few different paths for achieving it; but at the end they all require a commitment from the human condition. Some use trial and error, others use a pre-set plan than can be modified with time into adapting to its surroundings, and rarely you would notice a pure , sheer, enigmatic strike of luck!
In this blog, the writer mentions a formula that had proven its success. It is a career or/and life experiences. I read on the blog some different recipes for success that might have worked for others, yet I wonder: if one’s career was never to follow a plan, always rely on luck, and hope by trial and error may reach a goal, would that be the aim?
In my humble opinion, new age successful business owners and high level executives ,like the blog writer, undergo continuous tests and challenges that constitute a system of checks and balances to their way of thinking and way of doing business. Having that said, I am a firm believer that such generation of new blood business mentality ought to share with the rest of us how it is being done so we may be able to follow their footsteps into success that is being defined in both scientific terms and human condition. I’ll try the K.S.A formula for a year Mr. Najeeb; and I’ll let you know if it will ever help a simple minded person such as myself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Bumhammad. Keep bloging we’ll keep posting.

*All in all, if Allah all mighty wills it for you then it is for you, otherwise, it has not been willed for you, in both cases we all are grateful to what little or plenty Allah has sent for us*

Chère Monsieur Najeeb,


I agree with you that your cousin is wise; however, to be open to others’ experiences and to follow their advices makes you – a far- wiser, an “attitude” we are all to consider.

And, yes, one’s attitude is a major success factor, no matter what are the other factors.

As for the birds, I wished you’ve posted female and friendly-“attitude” birds like swan, dove …I would’ve chosen the swan.

Would you please let us know which bird you’ve chosen?


Monsieur Najeeb,

Allow me please to compliment Don Vito. K.U.W.A.T. attributes are really smart

I agree, skills, knowledge and attitude are important. what’s even more important is determination and consistency. If we keep challenging ourselves and succeeding, learning from our failure and mistakes, we can have career advancement, success.. you name it.

there are other attributes that aids success; having a good work environment, a good superior, and good colleagues.

عزيزي نجيب،
تعليق متأخر بس لابد منه…. أنا أوافق تماماً على هذه المعادلة للنجاح بس بودي أضيف على الجزء المهم وهو “الموقف” أو “Attitude” أفضل الأقوال فيها وهو : “10% هو ما يحدث لك في الحياة، و 90% هو موقفك(تصرفك) منها”. الكثير من الناس نجحوا أو فشلوا بسبب مواقفهم تجاه ما يحدث لهم في العمل وفي البيت وفي الشارع….
وأيضاً هنا أود أن أدخل في بعض التفاصيل التي تؤيد المعادلة بالنسبة للعلم(Knowledge) و الممارسة(Practice):
الممارسة بدون علم تؤدي إلى التقهقر إلى الوراء أو البقاء كما أنت، وبالمقابل العلم بدون ممارسة ليس له أي فائدة. كم نرى حولنا أناس عملوا 20 و 30 سنة في مجالات مختلفة وتقاعدوا بدون تقديم أي شيء لعملهم سوى الإخلاص والجد والاجتهاد. هذا عمل يشكر عليه وقواهم الله…. ولكن لو كل واحد جمع “العلم” و”الممارسة” مع بعضهم البعض وأضاف عليهم “الموقف” لرأينا إبداع أو على الأقل كان هناك تقدم.
أضيف أيضاً جملة تعلمتها بالممارسة مع تعاملي مع موظفيني وأصبحت مبدأ لا أحيد عنه: “Nobody knows everything, and Everyone knows something”
هذا المبدأ يكرس العمل الجماعي و يشجع الكل لإبداء الرأي من أصغر إلى أكبر موظف. وطالما سمعنا بنجاحات من أناس صغار لمجرد إعطاءهم الفرصة للحديث.
هذا تعليق على السريع وعساك على القوة وأتمنى لك كل التوفيق


I agree with that equation and I really want to add something that I use along my trip:



TAKE ACTION – which is so close to attitude u mentioned.

Focus is the strongest KEY! Its AMAZING! it gives u UNEXPECTED results. Wether u focus at a time, or on the long run of a live vision or goal!

Good luck to all of u =)

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